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The main material used during the production of the packing is polystyrene but it is possible to combine the polystyrene packing with polyurethane foams and also cardboard components. Therefore, a practical, elegant and affordable solution is created.

It could be either simply protective elements (L-profile, U-profile, shape inserts) or complex unit.

Modern software CAD applications and computer driven CNC machines are used while designing and producing the packing. That provides us work efficiently and produce a really accurate packing by the customer’s request. The packing produced this way can be additionally complete with more components thanks to the gluing system.

A customer might appreciate this working procedure because the biggest advantages for this are the fast preparation and production of prototypes, which are subsequently tested together with a product meant to be protected. If the packing is satisfying for the customer’s needs, the serial production can start. We guarantee that the time needed for the preparation of the prototype is within a few days after receiving necessary information about your demand. Another advantage is the possibility to modify a packing whenever you wish without requiring new preparations or forms. The production like this is then fewer financially demanding.