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Polystyrene plates and dimension stocks


  • Polystyrene plates

Polystyrenbe plates are costum-made in dimensions according to customer´s requirements. The maximum possible dimensions are 2500 x 1250mm, maximum thickness of boards is 1000 mm.


  • Wedge plates

 The wedge plates are mainly used for making a gradient of flat roofs- e.g. for a block of flats. The wedgeplates are prepared according to the customer's requirements.


  • Corrugated insulation boards

The corrugated insulation boards combine the function of insulating material and drainage system. They are especially suitable for isolating of old houses‘ facade, where a permanent draining of water vapor is guaranteed. As a result, the whole system is a proper prevention of moulding and moistening of walls. In combination with the wedge-shaped boards is the system also applicable for isolating of the flat roofs, where airing is needed. They are produced either both sides or one side corrugated.


  • Polystyrene dimension stocks

Polystyrene dimension stocks are produced according to customer´s needs. The accuracy of production is +- 1 mm. |Minimal thickness is 3 mm, maximal dimension are 2500 x 1250 x 1000 mm.
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